If you are thinking about how to increase site traffic, then the important step will be the choice of a company to promote websites.

This article is about how to choose an SEO company and what points you should pay attention to in order not to be mistaken and get what you want attendance, sales, profit! The perfect options from the SEO company Dubai just as you look for.

In the article we will consider the following points:

Now consider the main points in detail:


Before you start looking for an SEO company, you need to decide what you need to get from cooperation:

  • traffic (attendance)
  • positions (just positions on certain important words)
  • sales growth from promotion

Often this is the third option, namely, sales growth and an increase in profits from website promotion.

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After the task is clear, we begin to search for the company’s SEO. What is important to pay attention to:


It is important to understand who the performers are, what methods of website promotion they use, on what conditions they cooperate, and choose the best option for themselves.


Experience in the promotion of sites plays a small role, as the company’s specialists have already promoted hundreds of other sites and have begun to rake, which can be avoided in the future. The more experienced the team, the better, but it is also not the main indicator.

Plan and strategy

If you clearly state the task, then a competent SEO company can provide at the initial stage a plan to achieve the goals and tasks, and with future cooperation, follow this plan to get the desired result.


The price does matter, but the quality of the services provided is also important. It often happens that a client comes to a company that gives a low price for service, after a while, it becomes disappointed in the results and starts looking for a normal company.

From the price of promotion depends directly on the quality of services. High-quality promotion cannot be cheap, as a team of specialists is involved who will work on the task.


After hard algorithms on the part of search engines, such as Google Penguin, it is difficult to give any guarantees related to positions, now the work is directed to traffic from search engines.

According to the rules of search engines, no company can give a guarantee, since it does not own the search engine in which it is being promoted.