In these articles one can able to know about the how do the lie detector tests work on the victim person. Every one knows about the detectors are the people who investigates about the particular case which is tough to accomplish by the police services. In that situation the concerned case is handed over to the special investigator who is recognized by the government authority. Then, the investigator deals the concerned case in their way of style in tackling the case. By making number of assumptions made. By following the mentioned steps below one can able to achieve the cases successfully.

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How the investigator able to solve the case

In almost every country has crime in different issues. Some cases are solved by the police every where but in mysterious cases with no evidence some kind of cases are closed under guidance of the concerned countries norms and condition. In the earlier days means lie detector tests are unavailable the police people have to face lot of complications in dealing with a case. In some countries the physical abuse of the victims of the case is un-acceptable under these circumstances the possibility of getting truth from the victims is hardly not possible.

Help in Interrogations

If the crime depart polices are unsuccessful in getting clues or truth by reporting the same to the local court for information. The local judicial courts are informed to go through the details of the case; further proceeding of interrogation can be enquired under the permission of local court. The further interrogation may include third degree interrogation which has hardest treatment in the attainment of the truth.

All the above-mentioned cases are circumstances of criminal cases but not for civil cases like robbery and theft of money or things of good value from house.

Need of lie detector in investigation of case

Under the stubborn condition of the victims found the lie detector tests equipment is fixed to the victim’s body, and with the help of the sensors in the detector they would record the normal condition values of blood pressure, respiration and pulse count. If needed the graph reading of recorded values are obtained from monitor or screen.

After the interrogation started a series of questions are asked by the investigators randomly. The lie detector tester notices the change in stress when the concerned victim is answering the questions. If the concerned victim is lying to any question answered the report of the concerned candidate lie detector test will display. The report examiner must correctly.