In Berlin, hundreds of films and TV series were filmed that used Berlin as a set and as a protagonist. Immerse yourself in the history of Berlin through cinema. Also watch movies online on 123movies about Berlin.

There is nothing better, to go into the history of the German capital, than to see the many films set in the twentieth century Berlin. To make the visit of the city more interesting, these are some of the films we recommend you to see before visiting Berlin:

Movies to see before traveling to Berlin

Good bye, Lenin! (2003): A woman, proud of her communist ideas, has a heart attack and enters a coma, before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Eight months later, after leaving the coma, to avoid a new heart attack, his son tries to hide the triumph of capitalism, in a Germany now united.

The forger – Operation Bernhard (2007): A group of Jews in the concentration camp in Sachsenhausen is obliged to falsify the pounds and dollars. The good result of their work could prolong the war and offer victory to the Germans. As a reward, counterfeiters live in better conditions than other prisoners.

The lives of others (2006): An officer of the Stasi (the secret police of the communist regime of the German Democratic Republic) receives the order to spy on a couple, formed by a prestigious writer and a famous actress. The mission will upset his private life, to an unimaginable point.

Other films set in Berlin

A summer on the balcony (2005): Two friends living in a house in the old East Berlin, reflect on their lives and their desires.

Berlin is in Germany (2001): After 11 years in prison, a young man comes out of prison, being able to watch the fall of the Berlin Wall. The world of the German Democratic Republic, to which it belonged, has now disappeared.

Sonnenallee (1999): A group of children are keeping away from the rigors of the military and police in the Sonnenallee district, on the border of socialist Germany.

The sky above Berlin (1987): Two guardian angels fly over Berlin, contemplating the wall and the events that involve it, while only the children and some lucky ones can see them. One of them falls in love with a young woman and decides to lose his immortality to be with her.

Funeral in Berlin (1966): The British secret services send an agent to Berlin to replace a colleague, murdered by a Nazi organization.

One two Three!  (1961): The manager of the production plant of a famous beverage, located in the western part of Berlin, decided to introduce the multinational brand also in the territory of the USSR. The man receives the task of watching over a lively young man of 18, but the latter, eluding his vigilance, falls in love with a young Communist. From 123movies  you will now be able to watch all these films.