County Sheriff Won’t Enforce CSU Gun Ban
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The Colorado State University (CSU) Board of Governors, a body of unelected “educrats,” may have voted to require CSU to change its firearms policy and ban all guns on campus, but Sheriff Jim Alderden says neither he nor anyone else from his office will be enforcing the new rules. Since he controls the only prison in Larimer county the gun ban–which was overwhelmingly opposed by the student body–may prove more difficult to implement than the Board of Governors expected.

According to the Sheriff, CSU’s new policy is an end run around state law which currently allows CCW permit holders to carry concealed on all parts of the campus except dormitories. Furthermore, Sheriff Alderden feels the new policy is in direct contrast to the Constitution and common sense. The Sheriff seems to agree with the students that this policy is the result of an administrative power-grab at the urging of a paranoid Faculty Council.

Larimer County Sheriff James Alderden, outraged by the ban, told The Gazette’s opinion department he will undermine it in the interest of student safety. “I have told the CSU police chief I will not support this in any way,” Sheriff Alderden told The Gazette. “If anyone with one of my permits gets arrested for concealed carry at CSU, I will refuse to book that person into my jail. Furthermore, I will show up at court and testify on that person’s behalf, and I will do whatever I can to discourage a conviction. I will not be a party to this very poor decision.”

“God forbid we have something like the tragedy at Virginia Tech at one of these campuses,” Alderden said, referring to a notorious shooting spree in which a lunatic wantonly killed for hours, while a gun ban assured him no students or faculty would shoot back.

“They say it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by six,” Alderden said.

That’s the advice of a lawman with a record of reducing crime. The ban is the work of academic ideologues, who theorize about safety and crime. Hope and pray the academicians don’t find themselves begging forgiveness someday, in the wake of a horrible crime.

A PDF containing my email to Sheriff Alderden and his response is available at this link, and email and IP addresses have been redacted.

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